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you are my prototype!

oh my god  heute schreib ich meinen eintrag auf englisch


i think im in love   gosh this feeling is so strange it makes me feel like  wow   i dont know what happened but     yes im in love   deeply in love and it feels damn good!  when i walk outside or look out of my window   everything feels great..if i knew that being in love is so exciting i wish i felt earliyer in love  love love love   i think my brian doesnt work very well because im totally lost in my thougts  thoughts of you   wow  its amazing  i never felt this before  

is this the feeling of being in love??  oh gosh what an awsome invention;love!  maybe it sounds kind of cheesy but  i fell it in my fingers and in my toes  everwhere  in the streets of oldenburg till in my stomach   butterflys every were!

 uhhhhh  i think its a very different view of life  everything looks differently in front of your eyes if you are in love!  some kind of happy and exciting and intensive!  but i wish all of you to get the same feeling  and im sure its the feeling of being in love!


rock on guys      love ya leyla

entrance ended! 

27.9.07 19:34

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